In one of my classes this week, we talked about portfolio assessing a child. While we typically think of a portfolio as a collection of one's most impressive work, this assessment shows how the child's most impressive work changes throughout the course of time.

Well I have been taking pictures of Kaylee for a long time. My freshman year of college she participated in what will forever be known as the most awkward photoshoot of all time (it involved a friend's mission pictures, which morphed into funny friend pictures, which then morphed into a fake engagement picture shoot). In those days I was still shooting on auto and had no idea what anything on my camera did.

Since Kaylee has been willing to be in front of camera for so long, I have been able to see how my photography has improved. So despite potential embarrassment, here is just a small peek at some of the pictures Kaylee and I have made together.

That last one is actually fairly recent, and one of my personal favorites. She just has the most beautiful hair in the world.

Today definitely justified what I like to call a //snow·to·shoot//. The Utah skies dumped over a foot of snow in the valley and we decided we better take advantage of it!

Isn't she the prettiest thing you've ever seen?

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