North Carolina Lovin'

I have officially decided that I love North Carolina. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. My few days in Raleigh were amazing, only to return to the wintry tundra that is Cache Valley.

I'm so excited that this is where my sister and brother-in-law or going to live! It means more trips out there and definitely more pictures!

These two get hitched in a few months! They are so happy and in love! I felt like a fly on the wall just documenting them being together!

These two were nothing but smiles from the get go. They couldn't stop looking at eachother!

When I asked them to go up on this hill, they both ran up hand in hand singing "The hills are alive!" That my friends, is true love.


Not too often do I want to show two rings on the same person, but both of these hold such significance! On her left hand is her sapphire engagement ring. I love unique and custom rings! They make it so special! The ring on her right hand is her Brass Rat, which is the class ring you receive when you graduate from MIT. It has so many intricate details, including the beaver mascot, the Boston skyline, and even a map of the underground tunnels on campus.

If you are prepping for a wedding this summer, or just happy and in love, lets take some pictures! Nothing can replace memories like these! And hey, if you want to head to North Carolina to do so, I'm in!

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