Kelsey and Cole | Logan Couple Session

Kelsey and Cole are quite literally the best people I know. Kelsey was my neighbor my freshman year and my roommate my sophomore and junior years of college. Our first bonding experience was a road trip to Salt Lake to see He is We for the second night in a row. After hanging out all night with a bunch of thirteen year olds (and their chaperones) it's pretty hard to not become great friends. Then she decided to up and get married, which turned out to be okay because she got herself quite the catch with Cole. He has a great taste in movies and always speaks his mind. These two have become my best friends. And then to really top it off they got Lily aka best dog ever. I have spent countless hours at their house laughing, playing card games, and watching the Bachelor (okay, Cole didn't always participate in that part). One of the hardest parts of leaving cute little Cache Valley was saying goodbye to them. I'm so glad we took these pictures so that I can creepily look at their faces whenever I want (:

Anne TollerComment