Danny | Woods Cross 2017 Senior

Many of you have heard me brag about Danny before, so I'll try to keep it to a minimum. He's just the best kid around. He's so funny, and kind to everyone. And he graduates high school today, so that's pretty awesome too. He has big things in his future, and is heading to BYU - Hawaii in the fall. I guess a trip to Oahu to visit him will be in order! We had quite the possy with us when we took his pictures, including an 8 year old neighbor. She asked Danny why we were taking pictures of him in so many different outfits? Danny's quick and witty response was "Your senior pictures are supposed to show what you've done for the past year. This year I went rock climbing, drove my car, and looked devilishly handsome!" I am so lucky to be related to Danny. Truly one of my favorite people on this earth! 

Anne Toller1 Comment